We are pawsome!

At Great Pyrenees of Texas, we are a veteran-owned and located on our cattle ranch in Corsicana, Texas. Our Pyres descend from Lady XXIX, who according to our distinguished mentor, has "numerous Champions in her pedigree including Karolaska, Bryn Mawr, Limberlost, Tip'N Chip, Huny MTN, Mon Amie & Winwood. Lady descends from the famous Quibbletown and Basquaerie  bloodlines." 

Our dogs are great as Family Guard Dogs (FGD) or Livestock Guard Dogs (LGD). Our purpose is to responsibly breed Pyrs to protect our livestock and find them a suitable loving home where they continue to grow and develop to mature adults. Rompe is also serving now as a therapy dog and visiting many sick people and even some sick cows who need comforting. He is extremely caring and affectionate. 

Great Pyrenees are known to make excellent family dogs due to their friendliness; they are very affectionate and love to be surrounded by people. Ours love children and also get along great with cats. They have a majestic presence due to their fluffy and frizzy coat gives them a lion-like appearence. 

Predators arise on land or from sky. The aztec buzzard is known to attack our calves, and our dogs are bred to bark at aerial threats. We also have cougars out here and have recorded their calls on our facebook page. Our dogs work together to keep the threats away without us having to hunt or kill other animals we believe should be protected. Our dogs are very people, livestock, and cat friendly dogs that take their job of protection seriously.

They are elegant, friendly, funny, family-oriented, and loyal. They like to do perimeter sweeps around our herds at night to keep cayotes, bobcats, mountain lions, wild hogs and other threats at bay. Today, our family is eager to share something very special with your family with the announcement of 10 puppies born to Rompe and Chele, 3 males and 7 females. Give us a call and we would be glad to talk  (210) 278-6777.

Rompe is the grandson of Lady XXIX who stars on Santa Paws 2 and Too Cute on Animal Planet.  Rompe's grandfather, Angel Gabriel aka Zeus is also a movie star.

Our Pups have resemblance to Lady and Zeus and can be seen even to the casual obsever.  

Take a look at our puppies and find the best one for you.

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