Our dogs came from Missouri down to Texas. Rompe and Chele are bred under the supervision of the reputable Wells Providence in Missouri and thanks to their mentoring we have seen a phenomenal litter with 10 beautiful puppies which we are happy to share from our families to yours. Rompe's direct grandmother is Lady XXIX, the star of Animal Planet's too cute and Santa Paws 2."

"Lady has numerous Champions in her pedigree including Karolaska, Bryn Mawr, Limberlost, Tip'N Chip, Huny MTN, Mon Amie & Winwood. 

Lady descends from the famous Quibbletown and Basquaerie  bloodlines."


Aldeberan or "Aldee" is Rompe's son is in love with Sakari, who is also Lady XXIX's grandchild. We look forward to updating you on a very special breed through Sakari and Aldeberan next year.  

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